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Due to its popularity and encouraging results, we’re delighted to have extended Oxygen Therapy Hours to 8pm at night, Monday to Friday. This means that people who work or have other commitments are more readily able to access the therapy and take advantage of the value Oxygen Therapy has for alleviating the symptoms of MS […]

Buy Diazepam Online Review

What an amazing team! A great big, high-flying, flag-waving thank you to the fabulous folk who completed a skydive at Headcorn Aerodrome on Thursday 23rd June 2016. The team of four raised in excess of £2,000 by skydiving from 12,000ft in a tandem jump with instructors at Skydive Headcorn. Kent MS Therapy Centre is tremendously grateful to Sue […]

Buy Diazepam Without

Members and Friends of the Kent MS Therapy Centre gathered together on Saturday 21st May at the Centre’s monthly Coffee Morning to receive the cheque presentation for the final amount of money raised for the Centre from 2015’s epic 305 mile cycle ride from the Atlantic to the Med. Starting on 17th May 2015 and […]