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Gary Marsh

Seize the day!

Member, Gary Marsh, shares his experiences of life with MS and what KMSTC means to him.

It was while working as an Economics and Business Teacher and Head of Department at a school in Folkestone that Gary first realised something wasn’t right. He felt he was struggling with his heavy workload and started to notice problems with balance, numbness and a loss of strength in his limbs.
By the time he visited his GP, Gary was already pretty convinced he had MS. When he presented his Doctor with his conclusions, he was swiftly booked for an MRI.

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Oxygen Therapy Sessions

Below is the new Oxygen Therapy Schedule. Sessions will be 1 hour long including pressurisation and depressurisation. The session times have been reduced to allow for extra cleaning to be carried out between sessions. Bags will not be permitted in…

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Oxygen Therapy Schedule

Monday to Friday Large Chamber – can accommodate 3 members Start Time 8.00am 10.00am 12.00pm 2.00pm 4.30pm End Time 9.30am 11.30am 1.30pm 3.30pm 6.00pm Depth 24ft 33ft 24ft 33ft 24ft   Small Chamber – can accommodate 2 members Start Time…

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Booking Oxygen Therapy

The Board of Trustees would like to offer priority booking to those MS members who participated in the recent survey and registered their name for Oxygen Therapy. This group of members will be contacted directly by the Reception Team from…

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