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Kent MS Therapy Centre

Appeal for Trustees

Dear Members and Friends

You’ll no doubt have spotted that at the AGM last month we had a few changes to the Board of Trustees, with resignations from Hilary Brian, Jill Tompkins, Martin Lawrie and Andrew Lawrie. We’re really grateful for everything they’ve done for the Centre over the past few years and we are sorry to see them leave the Board – but luckily they’re not going far and are all still active supporters of the Centre.

With Hilary stepping down I’ve been asked by the other Board members to take on the role of Chair.  I have agreed to take on the extra responsibility because I know we have a strong CEO in Keziah Cunningham, and a good mix of skills in the remaining Board members. However, I have to warn you that, as I work full-time, it’s not possible for me to spend as much time at the Centre as some previous Chairs. Nonetheless, I’d like to reassure you that I will continue to be very focused and committed, from behind the scenes, to making sure that the Board can carry out its proper role of governance and strategic direction.

Most importantly I and the rest of the Board will be dedicated to giving Keziah the support and encouragement she needs to manage the Centre today and into the future.

Could you help too?

One thing is clear, the recent Trustee resignations have left us with some significant gaps in representation on the Board from the Members. Happily Richard Curzon has joined us this month, but I would love to see us fill Board places with at least 2 more Members should you be interested in joining. I know there is a wide variety of skills and experience within our membership base – skills which could be of benefit to us as a team and the Centre as a whole.

Please give some thought to volunteering yourself (or encouraging someone else if you know they will be ideal). You can talk to Jill or Martin about what’s involved for an insider’s view! I know some of you might have been put off by the 8am start for the monthly Board Meetings but we’ve agreed this can change to 10am if it means the opportunity is open to more people.

If you’re interested then please get in touch with me for an informal chat about what you can offer and how it might match what we need. Then we can take it from there on to the more formal application process. As a starting point, why not email me on We can arrange to talk, either on the phone or face-to-face.

I hope to hear from lots of you very soon!

With kind regards, 

Sharon Wilding
Chair of Trustees

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