Operational Update 4 Dec 2020

Kent MS Therapy Centre premises

Dear all, What a truly challenging year 2020 has been for us all! With Covid-19 dominating our everyday lives it’s been difficult to focus on anything else.  It has literally impacted us personally, professionally, our loved ones, friends and extended families around the country and globe.  This year has been emotionally and physically tough, financially […]

Oxygen Therapy for healing and pain relief

Caught up in a hijacking At the age of 26 Catherine Hill’s life was changed forever in the most dramatic fashion. While on a trip with her then boyfriend, she found herself in the midst of a PLO (Palestine Liberation Organisation) plane hijacking. During the course of the 17-hour ordeal a hand grenade was thrown […]

Oxygen Therapy isn’t just valuable for people with MS

Watch this informative video posted in May 2016 by Sagol Centre for Hyperbaric Medicine and Research in Israel highlighting the therapeutic benefits of Oxygen Therapy for traumatic brain injury and fibromyalgia patients. Oxygen Therapy is now available for extended opening hours at Kent MS Therapy Centre – from 8am to 8pm Monday to Friday. To […]

Could Oxygen Therapy help you too?

Kent MS Therapy Centre launches new website to attract others to its Oxygen Therapy chamber. Did you know that Oxygen Therapy not only helps multiple sclerosis, but other symptoms and conditions too? Canterbury-based Kent MS Therapy Centre has the only specialist Oxygen Therapy chamber in East Kent, and has launched a dedicated website to raise […]

Oxygen Therapy showing great results for Fibromyalgia Sufferers

Promising Oxygen Therapy Results for Fibromyalgia It’s been a great day at the centre today, one of our fibromyalgia sufferers having Oxygen Therapy is having some amazing results after only 14 sessions. She reports far less pain, she’s able to walk faster, her balance has improved and she has more energy than she’s had in […]

Spreading the word about Oxygen Therapy

Photo: From left to right: KMSTC support manager Karen Middlemiss, Professor James and Petra Kliempt by our Oxygen Therapy chamber. Our Oxygen Therapy chamber is the only one of its kind in East Kent. While it’s well known that many of our members with MS rely on it to help ease daily symptoms, fewer realise it’s […]