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Click and Connect #2

Following the great attendance we had to our first MS Click and Connect programme and the very positive feedback from our member survey, I am delighted to let you know we will be launching MS Click and Connect #2 on 4 January! The virtual programme will be delivered via Zoom, as before.

We think you will agree that the past 9 months has been a challenge for us all, on many levels. The closure of the Centre was a huge blow for our members, Centre users and everyone involved in receiving, or providing that much needed support that our wonderful Centre is known for.  We have been determined to adapt, learn new skills and work collaboratively with our therapists to shape a new working model to include virtual services so that we can continue to support you now, and into the future.

MS Click and Connect #2  offers a total of 17 activities including the exciting addition of 7 completely new activities for you to participate in and enjoy.  We shall be continuing with the activities that are strictly for our MS members only which are Pilates, Yoga and Falls Prevention.  Our MS Members who took part in our very first Falls Prevention course will be pleased to know that our neuro-physiotherapist, Clare Triggs, has designed an Intermediate Falls Prevention programme for that group which gives the opportunity to progress onto some more challenging work. A Beginners Falls Prevention has also been designed for absolute beginners.

Programme activities will run for 8 consecutive weeks apart from First Aid (6 week course) and Sleep Therapy (4 week course).  As each week is a building block to the next, we are encouraging people to sign up for the whole course. If you have to miss a week for whatever reason we may be able to send you  a recording of the session along with any handouts so that you can catch up before the next session commences.

MS Member Contributions:
MS Members are invited to make a voluntary contribution up to the recommended amounts below:
£35 each 8 week course
£26 each 6 week course (First Aid)
£18 each 4 week course (Sleep Therapy)

As always, our model remains the same as the day the charity was set up – those MS members who cannot afford to make a contribution will still have access to the programme.  Any contribution made, no matter how small will be greatly appreciated and will help sustain the running of the Centre, enabling us to continue offering the much needed support we know you need and enjoy.

Associate Member and Oxygen Therapy Client charges:
£40 each 8 week course
£30 each 6 week course (First Aid)
£20 each 4 week course (Sleep Therapy)

Download the full MS Click and Connect #2 brochure. A timetable is located near the back and highlights what activities you can access along with start and end dates.

Here’s a quick preview of some activities we have in store – these are available to any MS Member, Associate Member and Oxygen Therapy Client.

Can’t sleep? Don’t worry – help is at hand!
Many of our MS members and those with other long term conditions suffer with insomnia or poor sleep in general, if this is you then professional Sleep Therapist Kirsty Vant may be able to help you in her 4 week course.

A breath of fresh air
There has been a lot of research conducted on the importance of breathwork to enhance our wellbeing – Brian Morrison from the Breathing Project is a qualified Wim Hoff instructor and will be teaching breathing techniques which have been shown to have many benefits.

First Aid
Our former reflexologist, Sarah Crampton will be teaching emergency First Aid over her 6 week course.  The course will include how to deal with a person in a wheelchair who may be choking.  Sarah will be providing certificates to those who complete the course.

Award winning Author on board!
Award winning author, Andrew McGuinness will be running a creative writing course where the class will have the opportunity/option to write their own life story. Andrew has taught creative writing at universities across the UK (he also happens to have interviewed Kazuo Ishiguro and has been on TV and radio on many occasions!) I can highly recommend Andrew’s books – a particular favourite of mine is Anatomised.

When Shi*(f)t Happens 2
Life coach Helen Connolly has designed this second programme to be suitable for those who attended the first course, as well as those who may be new to the course. This course is for you if you’ve had enough of being defined by your diagnosis and are ready to do the work that will enable you to engage with shaping how you live the rest of your life.  The course is also suitable for carers.

Join Deborah Noakes for the ‘3 R’s’
If you want to feel re-energised, revitalised and rebalanced after this awful period of Lockdown then you can join Deborah as she gives all the tips to achieve the 3 R’s.

Adapting to a New Normal
Ana Garrancho says ‘If you want to feel abundant in all areas of your life, such as love, wellbeing and care, then this course could be for you’.  Ana has completed a BA (Hons) in Counselling, Coaching and Mentoring at CCCU and postgraduate study in Neuroscience of Emotions.

How to make a booking
Contact our Reception Team on 01227 470 876 to make a booking.  The team will email you confirming your booking along with the log in details you need to access your particular activity(s).  We must ask that you keep the log in details secure and do not share these with anyone, this will ensure the classes remain private and only accessed by those who have booked through Reception.

And finally
If you are not currently a member of the Centre but would like to take part, please contact our Reception Team who can complete the appropriate Membership Application Form with you over the telephone.

If you have not used Zoom before and feel you might struggle to use or download it, do not fear as help is at hand! We have a wonderful volunteer who can talk you through it over the phone. Just email me at if you need support with it.

Please be aware that when you are in a Zoom session other people can hear you when your microphone is switched on.  Please respect the session by muting your microphone if you are interrupted at home by a family member, pet, phone etc.

We sincerely hope you will make full use of our MS Click and Connect #2 programme.

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