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Eat Well, Feel Great

Take control of your health and create a healthy lifestyle.

The better we eat the better we feel!

You are invited to take part in a FREE 10 week healthy eating and living workshop for people with MS. The workshop will be run by qualified Nutritionist and fitness instructor, Carol Marlow FdSc dipION MBANT.

This is a new course at KMSTC to be run over 10 weekly sessions from 10.30—12.30 starting Tuesday 5th September.

The course is designed to enable you to alter or adapt your current eating and lifestyle in order to promote individual optimum health and wellbeing. Most people report feeling lighter, having more energy and better digestion; other effects can be clarity of thinking, smoother skin and weight loss.

Each week we will cover:

  • A different topic relating to diet and wellbeing
  • How you can structure your diet plan for best effect
  • Meal Planning
  • Discuss any challenges you have had during the week
  • New Recipes and how to modify old favourites
  • Collection of individual completed food diaries to be reviewed

If losing weight is one of your reasons for joining the course you can if you wish be weighed at the start of each month and you will be encouraged to use a tape measure to track your progress on a weekly basis.

All written materials for the weekly sessions will be provided by Libra Life Nutrition and Fitness.

Social Media and Keeping in touch

Members of the group will be invited to join a secret Facebook group where files for extra information can be downloaded as well as giving opportunity to share ideas and give support to your fellow group mates. This is of course optional.

The above session will last approximately 1 hour with a further 30 minutes allowed for measurements and personal questions. In addition you can also opt in for the exercise session. This will be 45 minutes in duration and will focus on functional movement patterns for strength and conditioning rather than cardiovascular effect. The exercises can be adapted for those unable to use a floor mat and stand without aids. You will be required to complete the KMSTC’s gym and exercise questionnaire before being accepted for the exercise class.

For more information and to book your place, please contact us.

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