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Loading Events

Valium Online India

Charity Golf Day

July 12 @ 7:30 am - 5:00 pm


The venue has been booked for KMSTC’s Charity Golf Day and this year we are holding it at Broome Park Golf Club, Canterbury on Friday 12 July 2019!
This is your chance to swing into action for a great cause on this beautiful golf course designed by Donald Steel which opened in 1981 and overlooks the wonderful Grade 1 listed Jacobean Mansion House.

Teams of four players can register to take part and the cost per team is £240 (£60 per player) and includes:

• Bacon rolls with tea and coffee
• 18 holes of golf
• One-course lunch
• Prizes, charity raffle and auction
To enter your team please get in touch with Moira Mitchell or Sarah Bosley in the Fundraising Department on 01227 470876. Alternatively email or for more information.

Thank you to our headline sponsor Chaucer Hospital for supporting this event.

Hole Sponsorship
Available at £75 per hole or £100 for two holes.


Broome Park Golf Course
Canterbury Road, Barham
Canterbury, Kent CT4 6QX United Kingdom
Valium Online Norge
Where Can I Buy Real Valium Online