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Loading Events

Valium Online India

Kent’s First Glitter Run

October 13

Join us for Kent’s first ever Glitter Run!

The 5k run will have sparkling non-toxic, bio-degradable glitter stations throughout the course, making sure that no one crosses the finish line without a shower of shine and glam!

  • You can walk, jog or run the 5K route, as the event is family friendly, suitable for all ages and wheelchair accessible. All runners will receive a medal for finishing the race, and timings will not be made.
  • Wear a white t-shirt on the day or wear fancy dress if you prefer!
    ‘Glittering up before you arrive is definitely recommended!
  • We strongly encourage all participants to secure sponsorship for taking part in this event, however there is no minimum sponsorship requirement.

To set up your online fundraising page, please visit Valium To Buy OR Order Valium Online Uk

Alternatively, email Buy Veterinary Diazepam for a sponsorship form.

Buy Diazepam 5 Mg

Valium Buy Australia


University of Kent
Sports Pavillion
Canterbury, Kent CT2 7SR
Order Valium Uk