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You’ll find details here of all the things that we run at the centre – therapies and classes for members as well as social events and fundraising activities.

Loading Events

Valium Online India

Show off your colours in the KM Colour Run!

June 9

Become a real life canvas and run, jog or walk 5km while covered in coloured powder for charity!

This exciting and very popular Colour Run will be in aid of the Kent MS Therapy Centre and is being held at the Betteshanger Country Park near Deal, on Sunday 9 June 2019.

Standard entry fee is £20 for adults and just £12 for children. The price includes a KM Colour Run t-shirt, glasses, a small bag of coloured powder and a medal on completion. Adult participants should aim to raise a minimum of £75 in sponsorship. Children under 16 don’t have to raise sponsorship money, but of course are encouraged to if they can!

70% of sponsorship raised goes to the Kent MS Therapy Centre and the remaining 30% will go to the children’s road safety department at the KM Charity Team.

To book your place for the 2019 Colour Run, visit the website Valium To Buy

Please note: The coloured powder is non-toxic and comes off skin and hair easily with soap and water.



Betteshanger Country Park
Deal, CT14 0BF
Valium Online Prescription
Buy Diazepam Online Review