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Become a Volunteer


People decide to volunteer for a variety of reasons.

For some it could provide an opportunity to give something back to their local community or make a difference to those around them.

For others it provides the chance to develop new skills or utilise existing experience and knowledge. People can decide if they want to volunteer on a regular or ad-hoc basis at the Kent MS Therapy Centre and there are a variety of opportunities to choose from.

We are currently looking for volunteers to help with our Charity Shop at the Centre. Being a Charity Shop volunteer with KMSTC is a great way to help a local charity whilst gaining new skills and making new friends. Shop volunteers can help with a range of tasks such as manning our shop till for either a morning or afternoon slot, this can also involve organising stock or pricing items. There is also availability for volunteers to help in our Donation Station where the donations get sorted to come into the shop. Our shop is located within our Centre itself so there will always be support for volunteers if needed.

Our volunteer role profiles:

Register as a Volunteer

To register as a volunteer, please complete our Kent MS Therapy Centre Volunteer Form and email to

If you are interested in becoming a Trustee please read about the Governance of the Charity and get in contact with the Chair of Trustees, David Bailey, for an informal discussion.

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