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Help us raise money by recycling

Many of our MS members have benefitted from APS Therapy and we’re delighted to now have enough therapists to make it available to those with other conditions too.

Printer cartridges

Before you bin your old printer cartridges, please check to see if they can be recycled. If your cartridge is on the list, please drop it into the centre and we will do the rest!

You can also send your ink cartridges directly to Recycle4Charity for free and we will still benefit as a charity.

For each inkjet cartridge recycled via the programme we will receive a £1 donation, meaning you can help the environment whilst raising money for charity!

Here’s how you can do it:

  • Register now at:
  • You can order Free Postage Labels if you have the cartridges ready to send in or alternatively order a Recycling Collection Box if you are starting your fundraising now.
  • Once you print your Label or your Recycling Collection Box is full, please return them to us. Post them back via Royal Mail using a letterbox or at your local Post Office.

Mobile phones

We can also make money by recycling old mobile phones.  If you have a phone that you no longer use, please drop it in to us.

Clothing, CDs and DVDs

We have a brand new recycling bin at our centre and at Adisham Village Hall waiting to be filled with items.

Please have a clear out at home and help us fill our bins as soon as possible with:

Good quality clothes, accessories and household fabrics including shoes/bags (in pairs), hats, gloves, bed linen, towels and sleeping bags

Items NOT accepted: clothing with school or work logos, cushion covers, blankets and curtains

Our charity will receive payment for every tonne collected by our new bin provider Recycled Clothing Banks so the quicker we fill the bins – the better!

Recycle clothing for KMSTC
Recycle for KMSTC


Giveacar is a not-for-profit social enterprise that organises the donation of unwanted vehicles to charity.

It is the UK’s largest scrap car and vehicle donation service that organises the free collection and recycling of any vehicle in the UK. Cars are either disposed of, and the value of the scrap metal donated, or placed into an auction, and the sale price donated.

Donate your car to the Kent MS Therapy Centre.

Donate your car to KMSTC
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