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Important Update

Dear Centre Members and Members of Staff,

I am writing to you to announce some changes in people both in the Centre and on the Board of Trustees.

Firstly, Jason our Centre Manager has been headhunted to a great new job and will be leaving at the end of September.  We congratulate him and wish him all the best in his new position.  He carries out an important role here and will be greatly missed, but he has been very supportive in ensuring a robust plan is in place to cover his duties while we make new arrangements.

As you may already know we have decided recently to bring all the different finance functions back in-house to streamline and realise efficiencies.   The adverts for this part-time role have been placed and have already reaped some good quality candidates.  After interviews during the first 2 weeks of September we hope to have the right person in post by the end October.

This month we say goodbye to Sam Rouse our Board Trustee and Treasurer. Sam has transformed our financial systems, bringing us up to date and ensuring we are compliant with the complexities of Charity law.  We are most grateful to her for all that she has done for the Centre.

I am delighted to be able to announce the appointment of two new Board members – Ian Bryant who will focus on financial matters and Terry Hughes who will focus on Operations.  This will bring us back up to full strength on the Board.

Our new Centre has been open for two and half years now – the number of Members and staff has increased and pleasingly the range of therapies available to Members has been expanded.  The external climate in which we operate remains very tough in both recruitment and financial terms.  The Board have had in mind for some time that the need for a closer focus on future strategy is required to take us to the next stage in terms of income, services offered and volunteer assistance.

We’ve decided therefore that the time is right to create a new role of Chief Executive.  That our organisation has reached the point where we need such a strategic role is very positive news and speaks volumes about our success and future potential.  This role will be part-time in order to keep our staff costs to a minimum while keeping us moving in the right direction.  A specialist recruitment agency has been selected and has already started work with us to find the right person for this role.  It is hoped they will be in place by the New Year.

This is a very exciting time for the Centre – the further input from senior professionals will give us much greater strength and Board remain committed to keeping the friendly, supportive atmosphere at the Centre.

With best wishes to everyone

Hilary Brian

Chair of Board of Trustees

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