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Nutritional Advisory Clinic

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NEW: The Feel Good Factor Weight Management Programme

The course is designed to educate you about how food is used within your body and how simple changes can alter immune function, energy levels, reduce blood pressure and cholesterol levels. By following the eating plan and understanding basic principles of diet and lifestyle you should see improvements very quickly. There are no guarantees but by sticking with the plan most people report feeling less bloated and having more energy. Losing weight and better skin are also major side effects! The group sessions are about having some fun and getting support from other members.

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Nutritional Advisory Clinic

We are all unique individuals with different health concerns and needs. No one ‘diet’ however healthy, will suit everyone. A consultation with a suitably qualified nutritional therapist (look for CNHC registered as this is the only group of nutritionists that are currently recognised by the Department of Health) can look at your current state of health, and lifestyle, and determine a suitable “food mix” to help improve long term health and well being.

Common problems that occur with those patients with MS such as fatigue, digestive and cognitive issues often respond very well to alterations in the nutritional composition of the diet in addition to some simple lifestyle changes.

Remember also, just because you may have a diagnosis of MS, this does not exclude you from other health issues such as diabetes, heart and vascular related disease – these will all generally be helped by sound nutritional advice based on proven scientific research.

To book a consultation with Nutritional Consultant Carol Marlow, Dip ION MBANT, please contact the centre

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