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APS Therapy

Action Potential Simulation therapy, may help to alleviate pain for those suffering with multiple sclerosis.

Many of our MS members have benefitted from APS Therapy and we’re delighted to now have enough therapists to make it available to those with other conditions too.

APS Therapy mimics the body’s action potential waveform which has a range of positive effects on the body including the release of neuro-hormones, kick starting the body’s natural healing process, regenerates cell communication, increasing blood flow, aiding the movement of electrolytes and stimulating the production of Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) which is the high-energy molecule that provides the energy we need to do just about every activity.

When a muscle experiences trauma it goes into a spasm to protect itself. This decreases blood supply reducing the amount of oxygen and nutrients that reach it. The decreased circulation leads to an accumulation of waste products which causes noxious input that results in pain. Due to the constriction of the muscle, the injured site has a much higher electrical resistance than that of the surrounding tissue. 

Chronic pain can become mentally overwhelming because chemical changes in the body can affect a person’s psychological state of mind. APS Therapy has been shown to normalize chemical levels in the body that help with the emotional aspects of pain.

Basic physics dictates that electricity flows towards the path of least resistance. Therefore, the body’s own action potential nerve impulses avoid the area of high resistance and take the easiest path, generally around the injury. The decreased electrical flow through the injured area decreases the cellular capacitance (the ability of a body to hold an electrical charge) and as a result, healing is impaired.

APS has been constantly used for patients suffering with acute and chronic pain problems … I have had the most amazing results from treating patients with arthritis and many of our hospital staff have benefited from just one week’s treatment for neck and shoulder pain. Pain specialist nurse (NHS Trust Hospital, Middlesex)

We had the opportunity of testing the APS therapy unit for different medical conditions in our physiotherapy department. The device was tested on patients as well as staff and the conclusion was as follows: Pain relief is faster, the sensation is comfortable, duration of pain relief is longer, treatment time could be shortened and the device is easy to handle and portable.Klimas (MScP, Physiotherapy Department, New AL QASSIMI Hospital, United Arab Emirates)

APS Therapy

Find out more about becoming a member of the Centre. Membership entitles a person with MS to access all of the Centre’s services if appropriate.

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