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Counselling is a ‘talking therapy’

The centre has a fully qualified and experienced counsellor who has a very wide knowledge of MS and the affect it can have on a persons emotions. It can be a great relief to talk and engage with a counsellor, and to be able to share your worries and fears with someone who will confirm your feelings and help you reach solutions.

Counselling offers a place to talk about your feelings and concerns, this can help you make sense of what is happening in your life. There are many reasons why a person may choose to see a counsellor and some examples could be:

  • Shock regarding news of multiple sclerosis
  • Difficulty adjusting to change
  • Bereavement
  • Relationship problems
  • Feeling depressed or low in mood

What can I expect from my counsellor?

The role of a counsellor is to provide you with an opportunity to talk about your situation in confidence, with a non-judgemental attitude and with respect. The counsellor will not spend time talking about themselves, but will enable and support you in achieving your goals.

How can I access the MS Centre’s counselling service?

Counselling can be offered through a variety of channels such as your G.P surgery, MS specialist nurse or by self-referral. If you are self-referring please give the centre a call and your name will be placed on the waiting list.  Our counselling service currently runs every Monday and is also available to family members.

How many sessions can I have?

Following an initial assessment with the counsellor, the average counselling contract may be offered as:

  • a single session
  • a short-term course of sessions over several weeks
  • or by agreement between the counsellor and the client over several months

All sessions are on a one-to-one basis, duration 1 hour.

Is there a waiting list?

Demand for counselling is high and we do operate a waiting list at KMSTC. Following your referral you will be informed of approximately how long it will be before you are offered an initial appointment. If you are unable to attend for any appointments, or wish to be removed from the waiting list, we would appreciate you giving as much notice as possible.

Counselling is available to members following an initial consultation with Jemma Pask, our Member Support Officer. Get started here.

counselling at kmstc

Find out more about becoming a member of the Centre. Membership entitles a person with MS to access all of the Centre’s services if appropriate.

View details of recommended contributions for this therapy or contact the Centre for bookings and further information.

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