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Oxygen Therapy for Long Covid

Oxygen Therapy may help to alleviate the symptoms of and promote recovery from Long Covid

Oxygen Therapy

High Dose Oxygen Therapy may help with symptoms of many conditions including MS, Long Covid, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue/ME as well as help to heal wounds and injuries.

Oxygen Therapy can alleviate symptoms such as fatigue, brain fog, lowering of any inflammation, assist in the body’s natural healing process, enhance immune function, may help with tissue regeneration (Improvements are very individual). Oxygen Therapy can also be very beneficial as a treatment for many other conditions, Our Oxygen Therapy Guide provides more information on this service.

Oxygen Therapy has enabled me to get back to work after 12 months of illness.  The Oxygen Therapy sessions made a very rapid improvement to my health and I believe have speeded up my recovery and enabled me to get back to work months before I would have been able to without the therapy


How can I access Oxygen Therapy at the centre?

We are a small independent charity offering a wide range of therapies and activities to those with living with MS and other conditions.

Oxygen Therapy is available to members of the Centre Monday to Saturday following an initial assessment with our Member Support Officer.

  • Annual membership cost: £24-£34 (depending on condition)
  • 1st Treatment block of 20 sessions: £240 – £486 (depending on condition)

If you’d like to enquire about Oxygen Therapy complete the form below and our Member Support Officer will be in touch once your details have been reviewed.

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