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I became a member of the MS Centre in Canterbury in October 2015. I have suffered from MS since 1984 and although I have been fairly mobile over the years and have kept reasonably fit by swimming regularly, I wanted to be more proactive with my condition.

The centre is a wonderful place manned by dedicated volunteers and health professionals. It has multiple facilities including a well equipped gym with equipment modified for ms sufferers, a hydrotherapy pool and an Oxygen Therapy chamber. Excellent physiotherapists are on hand to advise and monitor the members and yoga, pilates and acupuncture are available.

The centre is a charity and as such the facilities are funded by voluntary contributions and donations although some activities e.g. yoga and acupuncture are provided by outside professionals and as such have a charge albeit quite low. The Oxygen Therapy chamber also has a cost but is subsidised for those with MS.

The centre is a large, modern and sunny space in attractive grounds.It has a comfortable open plan communal area and many activities and talks are regularly organised with members encouraged to take part and assist.

It is extremely well run, welcoming and friendly and everyone is able to relax, chat, make friends and share their stories and advice. There is always someone with a sympathetic understanding ear. It is so valuable to be able to discuss your condition with other people dealing with similar problems.

Members are able to improve their health and strength in the knowledge that they are receiving treatment and advice from qualified people with neurological expertise.

Since joining I have felt more in control of my condition and more positive and I feel sure that many members feel the same. It is a wonderful facility.

Susan Good, KMSTC Member

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